R.I.P Michael Jackson " KING OF POP "

Michael Jackson Dies at the age 50. Lots of fans are devastated and in mourning. Michael was a big influence on the world. He touched so many souls. He was different, unique, and very humble. I remember it like it was yesterday. Dancing to Thriller, and putting in the first Jackson 5 record to sing along. Since Thursday June 25, 2009 our hearts have been pouring out lots of love to the Jackson Family. The Apollo theatre is paying tribute, Neverland is getting visitors, Michael's home has a host of flowers and gifts outside, and his Hollywood star getting numerous visitors everyday. MJ left so sudden, and we all wanna know why. There is so much controversy surrounding his death. I will never concentrate on the negative of someones death. I will celebrate there life and remember all the good times. This has got to be an International yet Global lost for MJs fans and ex specially for his family. We have lost a great man, and I want to think God for using Michael Jackson. He related to people on many different levels. We were not all made the same and Michael stood out. I want everyone to have a moment of silence everyday for a love one you have lost. Let their legacy live on threw you, and let them REST IN PEACE.