Let me re-introduce myself...

I am the creator/owner of Designs By Smiley, but most of you know me as the INFAMOUS SMILEYQUANTA! It feels so good to be back where I started years ago. Sometimes life just takes you places, and you never finish things that you started. So, I will just catch you girls up a little bit.

I have lived a few different places in the last couple of years.. After I left SC I moved back to NY.. burrrr right.. But, I decided to make a semi new start and travel on down to my dad's after high school roots. The DMV.. Let me tell you that was an experience to remember.. I had the dream job, and the cubicle life, but what's all of that when you get home when it's dark, and go to work when it's dark... ummm boring.. So, After I did my bid and made new friends. I took my talents right on down to GA. Savannah, GA that is HEY YA'LL Paula Deen Voice lol. I haven't had a chance to visit her restaurant just yet, but I'll be here for awhile so that's on my to do list..

Ok! Now that I've caught you all up! I am just so excited about all the creative things I get to share with everyone! So stay tuned! It's gonna be one hell of a roller coaster!

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