Blogging Everyday

So, Ive decided to try and blog everyday. I'm always doing something creative or finding out new information. So, I will share them here with pictures, instructions, links and etc. I will probably be blogging from my phone so not everything will be detailed. But, I kind of like the on the go blogging idea. So stay tune for more daily blogs from me. 

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 Here is a quick picture from " Girls Night out " ... We haven't had one in a while it always seems to rain or something comes up. This night was no exception. It rained til about 8:15 and we planned to meet up around 8:30/9:00. I was determined to get out and share some good laughs with my friend Sancia who I haven't seen in a while. So we enjoyed dinner at Joe's Crab Shack my new favorite restaurant next to Red Lobster. The night was filled with laughs and it didn't help that Joe's starting running out of all the things we really wanted ( like the mason jar, and crab crackers ) smh right. We also enjoyed great conversation with our waiter Rich. By the end of the night I was trying to find out what do they see as a suitable tip. Which was an interesting conversation. Maybe that's why I never went after the waiter jobs. You gotta twerk for great tips nowadays ( insert sarcasm here ). Anyways to end our night we went by Wet Willies and enjoyed the scene and the characters of the night. All in all it was great to hang out with my girls and just enjoy some downtime and girl talk. We will do it again soon.. 

Mr. Ben " arctic bay steampot " he was very tasty! 

Hope everyone enjoyed there weekend! Until next time! Im Out!! - Smiley