Business 101

We all have a million and one ideas. 

I constantly have ideas of things I wanna do. I can't get sleep some nights because I wanna jump right up and start working on my next idea. I am so blessed to be able to see, do, and achieve lots of goals that I have set for myself. Whether its past goals or my future goals. 

Walking before you crawl....

I can honestly say that I have made alot of money, and I can honestly say that I have gone broke while finding my way and making moves with my business. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Because sometimes my business was the only income coming in for me. Of course I have my husband. But, I feel if I am not sure where the business road was going to lead me... I wasn't gonna waste my money and his. 

Yea yea what's mines is his.. But when you lose money or it looks like your business is going broke... That saying can lead to a whole new discussion. So, In Quanta fashion I avoided that. 

I would rather have 2 jobs than ask anyone for anything. Its not even a matter of pride its just I Love To Work!

Im a hard worker, and I am dedicated to making my dreams reality! 

So I want to leave you all with this today. When the money starts rollig in don't be greedy continue to invest and grow your business...

- Smiley 

Make All of Your Dreams Come True.. I BELIEVE IN YOU!