Smile For Me

So since I can remember Ive have an amazing smile. ;-)

I was often teased growing up for my big teeth, and called beaver!
I took the negative in that and made it a positive for myself. To build confidence and love myself even more. My son has teeth like mines whether people call it buckteeth or not! We just say " The Bigger The Teeth, The Bigger The Smjle."

When I was in 7th grade my husband gave me the nickname Smiley and Quanta was always my nickname. So Smileyquanta was borned!
I have used that name on everything and I feel it represents me!

So to join in on my Smile For Me Campaign! Send in your pictures of you smiling or being happy! Send it to and in the Subject Line put Smile For Me.
Don't forgot to include one our your Social Media Handles! Just One Please.

I will add these pictures to the beginning of my Youtube Vlogs, and Im happy you all want to join this journey of spreading happiness around the world.

It Cost Nothing To Smile!