Special Announcement! I Published A Book!

We are all proud of something in our lives, and today I am proud that I have finally published my first book. 
Journeys of the Heart 
I am so excited that I finally worked up the nerve to do it, and I wanna Thank all of my subscribers who have congratulated me, and who have put some input into the price. I have it price at $5.99, But I think I will take the price down to 3.99. I will do this after the first month of being published, and I will have a special going on mid January. 

Sounds Good, Great! Now go get your copy.

Now guess what you can Purchase My Book On Amazon Kindle Here. I am so glad you guys will get to experience this with me. 
I promise the future books will be better, and I want to continue to grow and evolve as a writer. If you are a editor, and would like to offer your services on my next book please feel free to email me Designsbysmiley@gmail.com

You can also purchase my book here on Createspace. Where it is already $3.99 for a paperback copy. 

You can also check out the YouTube video here to go with this Special Announcement !

I always want to inspire you all, and I will be overworked and try a million things. Even if only one thing works out for me. I will never quit, and God gave all of us gifts. Please use them. 


Amazon Book Link - Here
Createspace -Here 
Goodreads- Here
Amazon Author Central- Here
YouTube – Here
Amazon Store - Here.