Dolla General Penny Shopping 1/20

Dollar General Penny Shopping 1/20

DG &Walmart Haul

Hello, I'm back with another penny shopping blog. Then only thing that is different nothing pennies out this week!
Don't close the browser yet though. You may miss this good deal.
Here is my You Tube video on Dollar General Penny Shopping.

All Christmas Items at Dollar General are .25 cents! So runnnnnn and rack up on deals. Here is what I got...
I didn't go crazy I spent maybe $12 lol

I also went to walmart and ran into andeal I've heard about weeks ago. So I spotted these totes at walmart and I went to scan them with my " Walmart App " here is what I got 
32 Gallon Storage Box SET OF 4 ...
What yes you read that right...
The lady tried to tell me that it wasnt the price. I kindly told her this is your store right with your address. It says STORE PRICE. Not Online. Of course I got my products, but it should have not been an issue. She kept saying oh they need to change that. That's not right, and has to stop this. I feel as though the employees are too invested. It clearly stated the price and the store. What was she gonna lose because of that price. Her paycheck wasn't going down. Now I feel bad for everyone who has gone in there and gotten 1 storage box for $10.97. Download the app and check the price on everything! Stand your ground or call corporate. 
My 4 Storage Totes! 

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