Dollar General Penny Shopping 1/13/2015

Hey ya'll I am back with my 2nd Dollar General Penny Shopping blog. You can check my video out  here on You Tube. I always like to give some tips, but this time I was able to give you all some pictures to go with the deal. Well today I was only able to find 2 items for a penny, and they are items I previously picked up. The other item was an item that was suppose to penny out, but it rung up full price. The expiration date on that item was Jan 22 2015 so I was able to get the cashier to give it to me for .50ct. Here are the pictures of what I got today. 
I got a penny book, and .50ct Cherry Craisins. <- cherry="" craisins="" nbsp="" out="" p="" pennied="" the="" today.="">

Another item that pennied out today was school uniforms.

The rest of the items that I will be mentioning will be items that are between 70-90% each Dollar General will have their own percentages set. So, this will vary by state. 

Items 70-90% OFF

As Seen On TV Tummy Stuffers

As Seen On Tv Pocket Hose 50ft

As Seen On TV Seat Pets

As Seen On TV Go Go Pillow

As Seen On TV Mighty Sealer Clear

That's it your Dollar General Penny List for this week!
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