Motivation Moves [ I QUIT MY JOB! ]

Motivation Moves [ I QUIT MY JOB! ]

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This Post is gonna be a little different, but I feel it could help someone. 

On Friday Jan. 16, 2015 I quit my job with a company that I started working with in 2012. I love the company and no disrespect to them. But, I was some what not able to work at the same company level when I moved to Kansas. If you follow my vlogs here you know the company that I am referring too. I had to actually start working with a franchise section of the company because that was the only available choice.  So, The first day their was very awkward and I kind of brushed it off. I'm like maybe it's first day jitters or something new office, new town, and new state. I felt like I didn't know what to expect everyday. I was told I could come in when I wanted, whatever time I wanted. Which was very weird. Thinking to myself like where is my schedule, and why don't I know these things. I was so in the dark and I'm not used to that. I love working for myself, but I'm a very obedient employee. You only have to tell me once that I did something wrong and I fix. Long story short the next week there were incidents that continued to happen. Everyday it became more and more uncomfortable for me to be there. I was being talked at, and even at some point ignored. I didn't have my own desk so I was desk hoping every time someone was off that day I sat at their desk. Which was just so unwelcoming to me, and then what took the straw was when I was being verbally attacked all while still being respectful. Maybe if their was a Franchise handbook that laid out all the rules I would be more aware.  So, after I was verbally abused I was then talked about 2 ft from the desk that I was sitting at. Now this really took the cake. I left that day with my head high, and my pride still intact. But, what really raffled my feathers was the next day I came in again I had no seat or desk. I was talked to by the owner. Actually being singled out about things that everyone in the office was also doing. I then had to sit wayyyyyy in the back of the office. Then I was basically ignored all day.  At that point I decided to finish my shift and I would not return to that establishment as an employee or a customer. After I left I had a friend from the job to text me and let me know that I was still being talked about. So, Again I was in a very uncomfortable situation were I refused to stay. I want to work and I needed the job. But, I won't stay somewhere I don't feel like I'm welcomed or where I feel like I can't be myself. 

So, If you are in this situation today! I want you to decide do you want to go home everyday with that burden of not being 100% yourself. Or do you want to continue to follow your dreams and do something that makes you happen. 

I published my first book, and you can find it here! This was a secret I keep from so many people, and I started it back in 2012, and published it in Dec of 2014. I have gotten a great response and I am currently working on the second one. I have creative juices flowing through me and I'm not afraid to fail. If it doesn't work I truly re evaluate and try again or move to the next thing. I have been a business owner and I've done work for myself since around 2010. I want to continue inspiring people, and letting everyone know that you should never give up on your dreams.

Have A Great Week! Be Productive!

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