February Task List

February Task List

 Writing Clears My Mind!

Have you ever spent the day just working, and researching looking for that break through? Constantly checking your email for that chance or for a great opportunity to magically appear! Well, I have and I've always been hopeful... 
But, yes there is a but...
I had to realize that those things weren't going to come unless I changed my steps. Writing helps! I write down everything. Whether it's thoughts, plots for my book, items I want, and just any random idea I may have. Trust most of it doesn't make sense at the time. But, you will get caught up in doing something one day, and it will click. You will then refer back to the magically list, and things will come together like they were suppose too. I know someone out there understands what I'm saying. 
So now that you get that part of my swarming mind and how it works. I want you to sit down do some work, and then refer back to your list, and to see if something inspires you or catches your attention. When it does GO MAKE MAGIC.
Now let me just take my time and speak to that procrastinator who is sitting in the corner reading this. Your like the little engine that could. I was once that engine too. I was filled with great person to do something magically, but my problem was starting. I was always afraid of failing or what people would say, but the more I stepped out on faith the more I've succeeded. Listen to me carefully... Strangers will support you faster than some of your family, and friends. It's OK, because it's those strangers that will tell more strangers about you. That's who you want authentic supporters. Not an supporter who's leg you have to twist to buy what your selling, or just to show up at an event. 
Procrastination dies today,,,, It stops today! It stops with YOU! So, it's the 2nd week of February and now you have 3 weeks left. 

1. 3 weeks to make more money than you did last month
2. 3 weeks to make contact with someone who can offer advice, or help you
3. 3 weeks to make a difference
4. 3 weeks to try something different
5. 3 weeks to get off the couch and complete a new goal 

I am looking forward to hearing what kind of things you all accomplish in the month of February. I think I should make this a monthly post, and it will come at the beginning of the month. The task will always be the same, but the result will be different. What do you think? So, I'll start it off and if you are a YTuber, Have a blog, or something you want to promote leave a link down in the comments section. I will SUPPORT you.

- Smileyquanta 

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