Crave Naturals Tweezer Review

Crave Naturals Tweezers

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Every girl needs to keep maintenance on their eyebrows in check. You don't wanna be the one with a uni brow. So, I am here to tell you about a really good Tweezers. I usually change my tweezers out every month. It can get pricey so If you have to try switching them out every other month. You don't want a dull tweezers so changing it out is a great idea. 
My New CN Tweezers & My old tweezers

My old tweezers were purchased at walmart. You can purchase the Crave Naturals Tweezers here.

 Crave Naturals Tweezers

My Review 

I love that these tweezers are black. They give a more sleek appeal to them. I am in love with the packaging as well, and it makes it easy to travel with them. Most tweezers when you buy them it's just some plastic and a piece or paper. The Crave Naturals tweezers came secured in not one, but two tubes. I think that is awesome. It also has a plastic cap on the tip of the tweezers to keep them together. I love that the width of the tip of the tweezers are wider than normal, and it has the perfect angle to getting to the smaller hairs. I really enjoyed using these and I have thrown the old one out. I will continue to purchase from this brand because not only do they have excellent customer service, but they wanted me to share a great discount with my readers. 

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I also did a eyebrow tutorial, and a YouTube Review check it out here. 
The finish eyebrows tweezed and snatched.

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