How to Create Extra Income

How to Create Extra Income

I have been talking about ways to create extra income, and have fun while doing it. I have tested out a few different websites in the month of Dec. 2014. Here I will show you all the website's that I have made the most amount of money on. Things that I learned to help me out, and which ones are fun! This post was suppose to go up since Jan. So, I have updated my earnings as of March 2015. Good Luck in making extra income.

So, If you are looking for ways to create extra income. Just keep reading. I will say that this income can become part time employment income, but with anything you need to have some patience. The best way to work on multiple sites is to also have some sort of schedule. This will help you to become more organized in your earning.

1. UserTesting Sign Up Here
Amount Made As Of Apr. 2015 $223.00

User Testing make $10 per 20 minute website review. Just sign up and download the screen recorder, and submit a Sample Test. Once approved, you're ready to start earning money.  This website will pay you to test websites online. You can work form home on a flexible schedule doing these tasks. You will answer 4 questions and get paid through your paypal account 7 days after you completed the test. Get Started Today!

2. Humantic Sign Up Here
Amount Made As Of Mar. 2015 $11.22

Humantic you will get paid to review calls from home anytime of the day or night. You will not be talking to customers over the phone, you will simply listen to the calls from you computer and sort them. It pays every Monday via Paypal once you reach $10.00. All you need is a computer, speakers ( or headphones I prefer ). No experience is necessary. Use when you sign up.  

3. Microworkers Sign Up Here
Amount Made As Of Jan. 2015 $11.89

Microworkers is a task website. You do small task like watching videos, like, subscribe or comment on You Tube. Then you must verify you have done the task by leaving your username or whatever the task ask for. You can withdraw from your account via paypal when you reach $9.00. Use when you sign up.

4. Amazon Mechanical Turk Sign Up Here
Amount Made As of Jan. 2015 $2.31

This website is simple. You do small task for money. I found a task that I enjoyed doing, and I stuck with those types of task. One was extracted grocery receipts. Unfortunately my Amazon Payments Account was suspended due to me not provided proof of my address. I am currently waiting for my account to be reinstated. Please make sure you do that task of verifying yourself as soon as possible so that your task or the money you make won't be delayed. They pay through your Paypal. 

5. Slice The Pie Sign Up Here
Amount Made As of Jan. 2015 $4.97

Slice the pie is a company that pays fans to review music. They pay twice a week on Tuesday and Friday as long as you have earned at least $10 in your account.

Here are some elements that make up a song that you can incorporate into your reviews.

Melody - Part of a song that can be sung alone so that it is recognizable.  Examples of great melodies in a song are:  Journey, "Don't Stop Believing", I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor, Enya's Caribean Blue and Aersomith's Dream On.
Harmony - Notes that compliment or support the harmony line.
Rhythm - Pattern of beats included in a song. 
Tempo - The speed in a song.
Intro - The instrumental section right at the beginning of the song.
Verse - Part of the song that has it's own melody that occurs again after the chorus and introduction.
Bridge - Section of the song that is different from the chorus and verse.

Hook - An important phrase or memorable theme in the song that may be repeated various times.  "Single Ladies" by Beyonce was a very popular song with an infectious hook. Most memorable songs have great hooks.

6. QMEE Sign Up Here
Amount Made As of Apr. 2015 $3.20

I started this in January. You basically download a toolbar and you get paid by your internet searches. You get paid by Paypal no matter if you have .2cts or $2.00. Their is no minimum. I am still getting the hang of the searches. But, you can paid for searching on Google, Amazon, and eBay.  The most I got in one day was .71 cts. Have fun just search like you normally do and earn money. 

7. Paid View Post Sign Up Here
Amount Made As of Apr. 2015 $8.80

This is another website I started this month in January.PaidViewpost is the market research survey site built upon 4 principles:
- They pay cash for every completed market research survey.
- They never screen you out once you've been invited into a survey.
-They have cracked the code that takes "boring" out of the survey answering experience.
-Privacy- They never ask you to register you real name or complete your physical address.

You must earn at least $13.00 before cashing out. 

8. Tsu Sign Up Here
Amount Made As of Mar, 2015 .20ct

Are you a vlogger or a blogger. Or just someone with great content Tsu (pronounced sue) Is a new website where you can monetize your content. 
As a free social platform, they recognize members for their likeness, image and content by sharing earned revenues. As a content creator you will earn fair value, of all social things you normally do.

9. CreateSpace Sign Up Here
Amount Made As of Apr. 2015 $600+

CreateSpace is an independent self publishing company. If you have a book you need to publish, short stories or even a poem. Visit createspace and get yourself an account. CreateSpace offers different book trim sizes, and a free ISBN. They help you to format your book to be available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle. You are able to use different distribution channels all for free. Have your book available in stores, and in local libraries. You can use their book cover options and or have your own made. I started my book back in 2012 and was able to publish it in Dec 2014. This has become a huge part of my income, and I have been paid by Amazon, CreateSpace, and by face to face book sells. If you publish a book don't forget to come back and leave your link.

10. Subscribe to My YouTube Channel it's free. Make sure you check out my vlogs and my other videos. Don't forget to follow my blog for more information on what's going on with me.

Again YouTube can become a extra source of income. Find a niche, and create a page based off  of your niche. Be as social as you want, and watch the world connect with you.

11. Infolinks Sign Up Here
Amount Made As of Apr. 2015 0.20ct

Infolinks is a great website where you can get help with the traffic to your website. Monetize off of keywords that are being using. Basically just set it up and leave it and watch the money pile up.

This blog post was not sponsored, and some links are affiliate links. Feel free to share.

- Smileyquanta

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