What To Expect On My Blog

mile For Me! So, I wanted to create a blog Schedule so when you all visit you know what to expect from my blog. I want to start this schedule in July. I want you guys to hold me to this. Before I get into the schedule. I want to make sure you all stay connected to me. Here is all of my social media accounts.

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Createspace -Here 
Goodreads- Here
Amazon Author Central- Here
YouTube – Here
Amazon Store - Here.
 Twitter - Here.
Instagram - Here
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Monday - New Things I've Learn

( Life, Recipes, Fitness, DIY, Social Media, Marketing)

Tuesday - Dollar General Penny Shopping

(Sales, and Discounts)

Wednesday - Random Facts About My Life

( Getting to know Smileyquanta )

Thursday - Kiddie Korner

( Kids krafts, or fun things for kids )

Friday - Amazon Products I Love 

( Reviews on products )

Saturday & Sunday

( Random Post )

I hope this gives you a better idea of what to expect on my blog. If you would like to be interviewed on featured here on my blog. Feel free to contact me info@designsbysmiley.com