How To Find Your SoulMate!

mile For Me!Happy Wednesday and Welcome July 1st! I'm keeping my promise and today you will learn. Random Facts About My Life! Are you ready?

Welcome to the first entry of Random Facts about My Life. I want to tell you all the story of how I met, and fell in love with my husband. The first day I saw him was in elementary school. We both attended Maryville Elementary in SC. I was in the 4th grade and I saw this handsome boy walking down the hall. I was too shy to approach him, but I never forgot that day. I started asking questions to figure out who he was, and I got my answer. He was Shawn Smith!
In that moment I knew he was my husband. That’s how to find your soul mate you claim them at a young age lol. I saw him through the year, but never approached him. Time went on, and I graduated from elementary. I went to a charter school my 6th grade year, and it was pretty cool, but the school didn’t do too well. My 7th grade year I attended J.B. Beck Middle School. Within the first week of school I laid eyes on my husband again. We had the same class, and we flirted for a few days, and him and his friend always made jokes about me smiling all the time. Yep! You guessed it that’s how the name Smiley came about. From that day forward I was Smileyquanta in 1999. We dated off and on from 7th grade through 8th grade. First guy I ever loved, and who had me open like a can of beans. Taught me how to kiss, and I was even scared to eat in front of him. Puppy love, nope I’m just teaching you How to find your soul mate. In between the time of High School, and getting married so many things happen. But, my love for him never died. We dated different people, but we found our way back to each other. But, what really sealed our fate was when I realized things come back full circle. I later found out I actually knew my husband when we were about 5 years old. We played coed basketball for the same team. Perfect ending to what I already knew he's was my husband the first day I laid eyes on him. Now that’s how to find your soul mate be persistent, and never give up on what you feel is right. Now, over 15 years later and 9 years of marriage. I am still with my soulmate, and my best friend.

 So, now tell me how you found your soul mate?

- Smileyquanta

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