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ey Ya'll! Happy Friday!

So, I absolutely love Amazon. I became an Amazon Prime member this year, but I don't know why it took me so long. But, I want to share some of the items I have bought this year, and why I love them so much. Get ready to get yourself an Amazon Prime membership, and get ready to click links to go shopping. I have some goodies for you. If you didn't know Amazon Prime allows you to purchase items and have them ship to your home in 2 DAYS. Amazing right? I believe in buying products that are worth my money. I literally purchase items from Amazon at least once or twice a week.

Disclosure : This blog contains affiliate links

Travel Accessories Bottles

You can buy it Here.

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: FDA approved, 100%BPA free food grade silicone. That will last a lifetime of travel and adventure. Even safe on Food!
  • LEAK-PROOF DESIGN: Three layers for sealing up. The inner seal that prevent leakage is well designed and also work well. They are the best storage solution for toiletries.You will satisfy with this bottle on your trip.
  • CARRY-ON AIRLINE APPROVED: TSA approved toiletry bag. Portable. Airline carry-on silicone travel bottle. Help you keep your own products straight when you are on the trip.
  • A PLEASURE TO OWN AND USE: soft and squeezable, easy to fill and empty to the last drop.Strong suction cup for temporary hands-free usage although they are not designed for permanent hanging in the wall.
  • CONVENIENT TO IDENTIFY CONTENTS: There are 8 ID Windows, including soap, cond, lotion, sun, shampoo and other 3 blank, you can preset small labels mark providing smart guide.

My Review:

These are super cute, and small. Perfect for traveling. I kept two and gave one to my friend. She's getting ready to take a trip to Vegas, and then cross country. I wanted her to test them out through the airport. I decided to put some lotion in my and carry it around for a week. Now if it survived in my purse I'm telling you it will survive anywhere. I'm lost, and broken so many items in that purse. On top of spills, and I have kids. Can you say crumbs! I love the sleek look, and durabilty. Shipping was super fast, and customer service was awesome. 

Professional Slant Tweezers

You can buy it Here.

  • ★ PERFECT EYEBROW TWEEZERS Integrated eyebrow comb lets you shape as you tweeze with complete ease. Prongs are extra strong because they're forged from the same stainless steel body of the slant tip tweezers. Simply comb your eyebrows before or during tweezing so that you can see more clearly which hairs need to be plucked. It's that easy. And the best part is that you no longer need to carry an extra eyebrow comb in your other hand!
  • ★ 0.4mm PRECISION TWEEZERS Ultra sharp tweezers slant head grabs hairs and splinters others miss, and hold their grip perfectly because they're crafted and filed by hand. It's very important that tweezers are sharp and hold their tension, which is why we insist on making our slant tip tweezers just the right level of sharp (0.4mm) to get any size hair on your face or body the first time without breaking the hair.
  • ★ PROFESSIONAL CRAFTSMANSHIP Made from high quality durable stainless steel to provide you with the perfect tension needed to grip and pull hair. Say goodbye to cheap metal tweezers that bend with time and lose their shape and grip! Stainless steel isn't just pretty to look at, it's an essential ingredient in making products that last.
  • ★ VERSATILE DESIGN Not just for eyebrows! Also ideal ingrown hair tweezers & first aid tweezers. The truth is we're all guaranteed to run into pesky splinters or stubborn ingrown hairs at some point, but we don't have to wait until that time to think of how we can lessen their impact on us. Since our slant tip tweezers are just the right size to fit in any bag (purse, wallet, first aid kit, etc..), with the conveniently included PVC carrying tube you can use them wherever and whenever you need them!

My Review

I love to change out of my tweezers every 3 months, and this one came right on time. I've had a few slant tweezers, but never one with a comb. I love that this added touch helped me get my hairs in order. It's smaller and it has the cutest bee shape tube that fits right into my purse. I was since this tweezer in exchange for my honest unbiased review. If you are looking for a sleek new tweezers at an affordable cost this is it. Enjoy it. I'll be purchasing a new one in a few months.

Flash Metallic Temporary Tattoo

You can buy ihere.

  • SUPER EASY TO APPLY. Just cut, place and add water! Voila! 4 SHEETS of DESIGNS per pack! AMAZING VALUE! each sheet measures approx. 6
  • LONG-LASTING FORMULA. Lasts for 1-6 days, even through showering and sweating. Safe and Non Toxic.
  • SEXY, STYLISH & CHIC designs. Perfect addition to your holiday outfit or party dress, as well as with your bikini!Flash Metallic Tattoos are the PERFECT way to accent your outfits. Whether you are a GOLDEN GODDESS or WILD AT HEART, try both of our flashy temporary tattoo packs! Great GIFT idea for fabulous friends who love to sparkle, shine and stand out in the crowd!
  • COMPLIMENTS GUARANTEE. Hundreds of happy customers have rocked our Goddess Tattoos at EDC, Coachella, Ultra and HARD this year. We SUPPORT Akshaya Patra Charity with your purchase

My Review

Every since I've seen Beyonce' wear these cute temporary tattoos. I just knew I needed to get me some. When the opportunity presented itself I did just that. So, I haven't been the only one to have fun, I was able to use the smaller ones on my daughter,and she loved it with her bathing suit at the pool. It was super cute. I was sent these nice tattoos in return for my honest review, and they are well worth it. I hope you all enjoy this easy to apply tattoos. Shipping time was fast, and customer service was excellent as always.

- Smileyquanta

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