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If you don't know already I love to write, and I love to inspire. I love vlogging, and I love to talk to all my friends out there the web-verse. I enjoy connecting with you all. 

I'm currently writing up four books, and one is apart of the Journeys Of The Heart Series called " Life of a Star Before the Fame ". This series has brung me so much life, and positive feedback, and I just want to continue to write my life away. 
My next three books are Self-Help books.
He Cheated, What Now?
How to move on from Infidelity
How to Self-Publish : Under $100

I know two of those things just about everyone can relate to. I've been cheated on and I want to share my experience and things I've learned. I also want to help you move on from infidelity. It's a hard topic to discuss, but it's okay to talk about it. Finally if you are inspired by my courage and success I will show you how to self-publish your first book.  

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